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          奔驰宝马游戏 格兰瑟姆

          奔驰宝马游戏 - 奔驰宝马游戏老虎机


            Year 7 students from The King’s School, 格兰瑟姆 won the County Title for Indoor 竞技 on Friday in a thoroughly enjoyable event at The Mere’s leisure Centre. With three straight years of County Champions before them, there was pressure on this talented cohort to emulate their peers’ success and they duly obliged. In strong competition against the various regional winners from Lincolnshire, King’s came out on top following a variety of track and field events including, Triple Jump, Long Jump, Vertical Jump, Speed Bounce, Shot Putt, Relays & various Individual Sprint Races. King’s progress to the East Midlands finals after Easter to fly the flag for Lincolnshire against the winners of Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.



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